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Why choose us

So far you know why you need a Windows VPS, but why choose Alt-Hosting.comWe use the unique Microsoft developed technology named Hyper-V as our virtualization platform

 We have the best price for Windows VPS, you can compare with others and write to us if you find a better one. 
 Cheap price doesn't mean quality problems. We have a professional team and the best datacenters that provide a high quality.
 All maintenance works are only performed with prior notification
 We use only ultra fast SSD Drives.
 Dedicated IP adress for each VPS.
 Hyper-V (virtualization platform) provides you dedicated resources and very high performance and stability.
 We do not oversell our servers. In fact, is impossible to oversell the servers as Hyper-V provides dedicated resources.
 We use very powerful servers with data integrity and backup solutions ( Dual Quad Core 5430 + Raid 10 SSD Disks ) so your data is safe.
 Our staff are able to assist you to setup your VPS.
 We give you full administrative access to your VPS
We provide you with enough support so that you are never left alone
 We have the best price and a 5 days money back guarantee.

Not sure about our prices?

 Feel free to search the internet and find another Hyper-V VPS provider who offers a better price. We will match it for you !!!

Total Compatibility

Compatibility with other Microsoft software: Windows is owned by Microsoft Inc.; therefore, the most valuable benefit of it is its compatibility with other Microsoft software & applications. It makes things much easier for everyone.


Windows VPS hosting options can offer an excellent level of functionality, flexibility and availability for your online business.


Our system is designed to prevent failures and downtime with 24/7 monitoring. Our platform is fully redundant and is built in a state-of-the-art cloud hosting facility.